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What’s Okay to Go Down Your Home’s Drain

A clean kitchen sink with water flowing into the drain that has been repaired by a professional plumber in Springfield, MO.


From your kitchen to your laundry room, there are several drains installed throughout your home that are used daily. Without proper maintenance or caution of what goes down these drains, your plumbing system will not be able to handle the waste that is produced. At Air Services, our plumbers respond to dozens of emergency drain clog services that could have been prevented with advice from our experts. Disposing of harmful food or chemical products down the wrong drain can cause unpleasant and expensive drain clogs, toilet clogs, and sewer line damage. Here’s a quick rundown on what can and cannot go down the drains in your home.

Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks are pretty robust pieces of equipment. If yours has a garbage disposal attached to it, there are quite a few food and liquid items that you can get rid of properly in the drain. Coffee, tea, and most small amounts of food waste are generally okay for residential kitchen sinks. As a rule, you should never pour grease, oil, or large pieces of food into your sink drain; this can cause build-up and thick grime that is responsible for drain clogs and serious plumbing line issues. When disposing of grease, let it cool and place it in a sealed bag or container that is then placed in your trash. This simple tip will be sure to keep your kitchen drain clear of clogs and in healthy condition for years.

Showers & Bathtubs

Shower and bathtub drains vary by design and capacity, but as a rule, you should have some kind of grill laid over them to catch most of the solids that would otherwise cause clogged drains. Vigilance is the key here, and it’s best to scoop out the hair after every shower, especially if you shave in the tub. Luckily, shower drains are designed to withstand the constant disposal of body wash, shampoo, hair, and other cleaning products. To keep your plumbing system in order, limit your use of store-bought chemicals and invest in yearly drain cleaning from Air Services in Springfield, MO.

A person in Springfield, MO wearing an orange glove pulling hair out of a floor shower drain that has clogged.

Avoid Toilet Clogs

At first glance, it seems like toilets should be the most robust drains in the house, but they can often be the most finicky. Apart from the normal waste, they’re designed for, try to limit what goes down your toilet to nothing but bathroom tissue. The reason for this is that most toilet drains are designed with complicated twists and turns that can block your plumbing system when random debris makes it way down the drain. If you have a septic tank, or if your community has an old sewer system from the early 19th century, make sure you schedule regular drain cleaning maintenance from professionals like ours at Air Services. Our Springfield, MO crew has several years of experience maintaining toilet plumbing systems to keep your home protected. 

Have a Drain Clog? Call Air Services

If you have a drain clog, slow drain, or complete blockage of your plumbing system, contact our plumbers at Air Services in the Springfield, MO area. Emergency drain clogs are not uncommon, which is why our team and commercial trucks are fully prepared to handle your kitchen or bathroom clog 24/7. We have the tools and trained technicians to unclog your drains in a single visit to avoid water and waste damage. With advanced camera drain technology and clog detection devices, our plumbers can restore and maintain the health of your sewer line when the unexpected happens. Call today for a quote or consultation at (417) 309-2971.


A plumber using camera drain inspection equipment to see what is clogging a residential toilet in Springfield, MO.

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