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High-Quality Sump Pump Services in Marionville, MO

A sump pump installed in a basement of Marionville, MO with a water-powered backup system pumping water.)

Sump pumps are one of the easiest ways to keep your basement or crawlspace protected from water damage. These systems are made to collect large quantities of water from around your home’s foundation and transfer it to your drainage system to prevent flooding. This is especially important for homes that are built on lower elevated land and reside in an area that receives heavy rainfall in the spring. At Air Services, we offer high-quality sump pump installation, repair, and backup systems for homeowners in Marionville, MO and the surrounding areas. Whether your pump needs replacing or you’re wanting a brand-new system installed in your basement, our trained team is here to help with projects of all sizes. Contact us today to learn more about how our sump pump services can benefit your Midwest property.

Sump Pump Repair

Electric sump pump systems are the first line of defense in the event of a storm or excess flooding on your property. When your pump stops working, or your system is clogged, you need immediate repairs to avoid permanent damage to your home. At Air Services, our team offers emergency sump pump repairs for homes in Marionville, MO. There are several common reasons why your sump pump may not be working properly. If there is a power outage, electricity will no longer be able to generate power to your drainage system, causing backflow into your home. Other issues include an overworked pump, movement of the pit or liner, and poor installation. When you notice that your sump pump isn’t working as it should, contact our plumbing experts for immediate repairs.

Sump Pump Installation

If your home doesn’t have a sump pump system, chances are you’ve experienced flooding with heavy rainstorms or poor drainage around your foundation. With a brand-new sump pump system from Air Services, you’ll receive efficient installation from our trained technicians and competitive pricing on all of our products. Our top-tier sump pumps help reduce mold and mildew growth in your basement or crawlspace while giving you peace of mind for decades to come. Flooding is one of the most common issues for homes with basements in Marionville, MO. Eliminate expensive repairs and prevent permanent damage to your home with a sump pump installation from our team. Call today to get a free estimate.

A sump pump and battery backup sump pump needing repairs by a plumbing expert in Battlefield, MO.

The Benefits of Battery Backup Sump Pumps

A battery backup sump pump is just as it sounds – it’s an additional system installed next to your primary sump pump in the event of a power outage or part failure. While modern sump pump systems are constructed to withstand years of use alongside yearly maintenance, issues like clogging or pump failure can arise that poses a threat to your home’s safety. Battery backup sump pumps allow for homes to switch to a reliable system when electricity is no longer available. This preventative measure will ensure that your home stays dry during harsh weather and give you peace of mind year-round. Here are just a few benefits of our battery backup sump pumps:

  • Installation is simple.
  • Automatically kicks in during a power outage.
  • Does not need a water supply to run.
  • The battery will remain charged until it’s needed.

The Benefits of Water-Powered Backup Sump Pumps

When you need a backup sump pump to protect your home, water-powered backup sump pumps are the number one choice for homeowners in Marionville, MO. Unlike battery-powered systems, our water-powered sump pumps use your home’s municipal water pressure to create a vacuum that moves water quickly away from your basement. The system is made up of an automatic valve, an ejector jet, and a float that will create the perfect pressure needed to keep water out of your home when your main sump pump fails. Water-powered sump pumps are great because they never lose power and can save you repair costs over time. Benefits of these systems include:

  • They have an average lifespan of 10 years.
  • It runs on water pressure, so there is no limited run time.
  • They are low maintenance and do not have a lot of parts to take care of.
  • You can save money by not purchasing a new battery every three years.

A sump pump being installed by a plumber in a residential basement in Marionville, MO with white pipes.

Sump Pump Inspections

If you own a sump pump system, when was the last time you invested in standard maintenance? While it may be out-of-sight and out-of-mind for many homeowners, our plumbers are here to educate you on the proper care needed to keep your sump pump working properly. When you schedule an inspection from our team, we’ll examine the following elements of your sump pump: the pit, the check valve, the backup power source, and the water alarm. All of these components must work efficiently to keep your home safe and dry year-round. Contact us today at (417) 309-6286 to schedule a sump pump inspection from Air Services in Marionville, MO.


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