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Who Else Wants $420?
We’ll pay it for your old, energy-wasting heating and cooling system.
Are we nuts?

Probably. But we can trade in your old system toward a new, fully warranted system that’ll keep you comfortable year ‘round and save stacks of energy dollars too. And we’ll knock $420 off the price to get your trade in. Maybe more if it’s in good shape. Why?

We can train techs with the old ones. Sometimes landlords buy used systems. Sometimes we can donate them. See, there is value in your old system…

But never more than by trading it to us for a new one. Let us come out, appraise your old system and show you how much you can save with a new one. The visit is free… but it may be worth a whole lot more to you! Call now (before I snap out of it!)

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"Thanks for everything – You’re guys were Very Kind & thorough in answering all of my questions. 
They also cleaned everything up so well upon completion. We are certainly recommending
Air Services /All Service to all of our friends." – E. Kremer

Save $10.00
in 10 Seconds!

Ready? Go!
Ask our friendly receptionist or tech,
“Can I get on your Maintenance Agreement program?”


There, you did it. And with time to spare! When you enroll in this program, you’ll get $10 off your Tune-Up, 10% off any repairs – even the one we just did! You also get priority service, free reminders and more. This program can pay for itself instantly. It saves you time, trouble, “surprise” breakdowns and premature system failure.

Not a bad way to spend 10 seconds.
Give Air Services a quick call at

"I will Definitely Recommend you to my friends! You have Great Dependability, Reliability and Quality. 
Your People are the Greatest!"  - K. Williams

(No wonder they call it water torture.)
  • Years of water pressure cause leaks and can be caught before costly damage.
  • Sediment in pipes can cause a major drop in your water pressure.
  • Contaminated pipes lead to contaminated drinking water. Have it checked.
Let us come out for a thorough home plumbing inspection. We can also see if you qualify for a Plumbing Preventive Maintenance Plan. Stop the torture!
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We service most Furnace brands and models near Springfield MO.
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