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Common Facts About Backflow Testing

A bathroom sink in a residential home in Springfield, MO that is turned on and running brown, contaminated water that requires backflow repair and testing services.

Having a well-maintained water supply is essential to backflow prevention. When the flow of water in a plumbing system reverses its direction, cross-contamination occurs, meaning polluted water ends up in the main water supply. Whether your drinking water is contaminated from the ground or the source, it may pollute the entire commercial drinking water system and expose the public to various health risks. Here at Air Services in Springfield, MO, we value safe, uncontaminated water – let us provide backflow testing to ensure a clean water supply.

Backflow Testing is Not Optional

Backflow occurs when there is reduced pressure in your water line, resulting in reversed flow through unprotected cross sections. If you notice a foul smell, taste, or discoloration in your water supply, it’s essential to call our experts at Air Services for reliable backflow testing services. Continuing to use contaminated water is one of the easiest ways to catch a sickness that can affect you and your entire family. Backflow testing is not optional when it comes to your safety– it’s a must if you notice issues with your water supply. Contact our Springfield, MO experts for a backflow testing service immediately.

Always Have Backflow Prevention Devices

When testing for backflow, a plumber is charged with ensuring that your system has the proper backflow prevention devices and that those devices are working. It is standard procedure in plumbing fixture installation to protect the piping and cross-connections using various backflow prevention assemblies and devices. These require inspection and maintenance after installation to ensure they are working correctly. At Air Services in Springfield, MO, we provide backflow prevention devices for residential and commercial customers.


A backflow prevention device installed by a professional plumber in Springfield, MO, on a residential property for water maintenance.

Hire a Professional Plumber for Inspections

For quality backflow prevention services, ensure you’re hiring a professional with a qualified background to complete the inspection. Reputable plumbers are licensed, bonded, and insured and will be able to provide references upon your request. Backflow can cause serious health issues if not handled immediately – hire a plumber you can trust from Air Services to do a thorough and professional job!

Contact Air Services in Springfield, MO

At Air Services, we understand the value of having a clean, constant water supply for various personal, household, and commercial needs in everyday life. While the city is responsible for ensuring that the supply is clean, you’ll want us to ensure your home’s plumbing system prevents backflow and water-borne illness. For more information, contact our team at (417) 309-2971 to request a free estimate on our backflow testing and repair services.


A plumber in Springfield, MO that is using high-end tools to restore the water flow in a residential home with backflow testing services.

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