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What is the Purpose of a Sump Pump?

An overhead view of a residential sump pump in Springfield, MO that was just repaired by a professional plumber from Air Services.


Is your basement almost guaranteed to flood when there is heavy rain? Are you tired of spending your vacation days at home, cleaning up a huge mess? Well, with a sump pump, your days of cleaning a flooded basement could be over. Many homes flood in the rain, especially if they’re built in low-lying areas. When this happens, it’s smart to install a sump pump to expel the water from your home and keep your basement floor clean again. Continue reading our blog to learn more about sump pump equipment, how they work, and how they could benefit you!

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a plumbing device that expels water out of your basement and away from your home through pipes below your property’s foundation. These systems are especially useful for homes that are in flood plains or low-lying areas and are susceptible to water intrusion. When a sump pump is installed, a pit is constructed on the lowest level of the home (usually the basement), and a pump is set in place to detect water levels before they reach the surface of your basement. For sump pump installation or to replace your current sump pump system, give Air Services a call at (417) 309-6307 in Springfield, MO.

How Does a Sump Pump Work?

A sump pump works by collecting any water that gets too close to your home’s foundation in a pit attached to your basement’s surface. The pump installed in the pit makes sure that these water levels do not rise too high. Once the water hits a certain level, the pump is switched on, and the water is expelled back out of the building and away from the structure. Sump pumps are instrumental in keeping basements all over Springfield, MO free of water damage. If your sump pump signals that water is getting too close to the surface of your basement, contact Air Services for emergency plumbing repair.

A diagram of the inside of a sump pump and how it is installed and runs beneath your home in Springfield, MO.

Does My Home Need a Sump Pump?

Determining whether your home needs a sump pump depends on the age, location, and other factors pertaining to your home. If you live on high ground and never have flooding problems, there’s no reason for you to bear the expense of installing a sump pump, as the natural flow of the land will not collect water. However, for those that live in flood plains, low-lying areas, or have basement flooding problems, it may save you money, in the long run, to invest in a modern sump pump system. While it can be an expensive project, installing a sump pump can save you thousands of dollars in water damage, depending on how often your home floods. Air Services in Springfield, MO provides expert sump pump installation for residential homes.

Who Can Help Me With My Sump Pump Repair?

Are you ready to invest in a water prevention, sump pump system for your home? Keep water out of your basement when you call Air Services in Springfield, MO. Our experienced and certified plumbers understand the importance of keeping your home dry and know just how sump pumps work to offer long-lasting repairs. Our team will be able to evaluate your needs and make an expert recommendation if your system needs to be replaced. You can rest assure that we will help to protect your property and offer affordable services when you need us most.


A broken sump pump in Springfield, MO that is being repaired by a professional plumber and maintained to prevent clogs.


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