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Electrician Clever, MO | Electrical Rewiring

An electrician is using a tool to inspect the wires of an electrical panel in a Clever, MO home.

Licensed Electrical Rewiring Services in Clever, MO

Are you ready to renovate your home but don’t know where to start with the wiring? Or have you seen your lights flickering and your power going out more frequently? If this is the case for you, you should contact Air Services for all your electrical needs. Our licensed electricians can help you with any electrical upgrade, rewiring, repair, or lighting and ceiling fan installation service. We provide emergency services, so you are welcome to contact us at any time of day or night if an emergency arises, and we even offer online scheduling. Reach out to our trained professionals today if you need a reliable electrical service you can trust.

Electrical Upgrades

If you begin to notice small sparks coming from your outlets when you plug something in, then you might be due for an electrical upgrade. Ignoring this issue for too long can put your home and family in danger. When you reach out to our expert electricians at Air Services, they will come and inspect your Clever, MO home’s wiring for any wires that need to be repaired or replaced and make the appropriate electrical upgrades so that you don’t experience any issues with burning wires or power outages. Our team will take their time making the appropriate upgrades to ensure you are satisfied with the work that has been completed. Avoid the dangers that outdated wiring can bring to your home, and reach out to our team today for an electrical upgrade service.

Electrical Rewiring

If you have updated appliances in your Clever, MO home but have an old wiring system If you have an old wiring system, it might be time to contact Air Services for an electrical rewiring service. Old wiring struggles to keep up with the power of new appliances and can often lead to an electrical overload which could burn your devices and cause a house fire. With the help of our licensed electricians, you can rest assured that your home will be safely rewired to accommodate any new appliances or to remedy any poor wiring work done by past owners.

An electrician using a drill and pliers for electrical rewiring in a Clever, MO home.

Ceiling Fan Installation

One of the advantages of having a ceiling fan installed is the money you can save on your energy bill. Fans will circulate air to help maintain a pleasant temperature while consuming less energy than your air conditioner. Not only does it help keep your home cool in the summer, but it can also help with keeping your rooms warm in the cold Clever, MO winters. By reversing the direction of your ceiling fan, it will pull the warm air from your ceiling and distribute it downwards to keep your home at a nice warm temperature in the winter.  When you reach out to Air Services, we will send one of our skilled technicians to your home to install a brand-new ceiling fan to help keep the temperature in your home comfortable and your energy bill low.

Lighting Installation

If you have outdated lighting fixtures that you want to upgrade or you are working on renovating your home, our certified electricians at Air Services are here to assist you with any lighting installation you may need in your Clever, MO, home. Our experts will visit your home and assess your lighting installation requirements before providing you with a customized plan for the following stages. When our skilled electricians arrive to install your new lighting, they will work diligently to ensure that it is properly installed so that you will not experience any lighting problems in the future. Illuminate your home when you call us at (417)309-6307 for a lighting installation service, and our team will be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

An Electrician in a Clever, MO home using tools to install a ceiling fan.

Electrical Panel & Breaker Box Repair

If you have recently changed out your old lightbulbs for brand new ones but notice that your new ones are flickering, you could have an issue with your electrical panel or breaker box that is causing this to happen. When you contact Air Services, our team of professionals will come to your home to inspect your breaker box and the electrical panel and diagnose the issue, as well as let you know the proper repairs that need to be made. Our team will take the time to go over the repair process with you so that you are well-informed before they begin any work. If this issue has been happening in your Clever, MO home, stop wasting your money on continuously purchasing new lightbulbs and contact us for assistance in repairing your electrical panel and breaker box.

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