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Sump Pump Repair Clever MO | Sump Pump Installation

Sump pump installed in a basement of Clever, MO with a water-powered backup system pumping water.

High-Quality Sump Pump Services in Clever, MO

Nothing can be more stressful than dealing with a flooded basement. When your sump pump stops working, your home can become vulnerable to water damage, which can take a lot of time and money to restore. Here at Air Services, we have expert technicians who are specialized in sump pump repairs. Whether you’re experiencing efficiency issues with your  system or are interested in getting a new sump pump installed, contact us today, and one of our team members will assess your  unit  and explain to you step by step what repairs it may need. We have trained specialists who will ensure that your sump pump is repaired the first time correctly so that you don’t have to stress about a flooded home the next time it rains.

Sump Pump Repair

Have you experienced loud or unfamiliar sounds coming from your sump pump? What about issues with your sump pump constantly running? These are all warning signs that your sump pump could have a bigger issue costing you more money in the future for repairs or even having to replace it. Air Services offers a top-rated team of individuals who can diagnose and repair any sump pump concerns you may have. Our experienced technicians will provide well-informed solutions on what repairs your sump pump may need and offer upfront pricing, so you are not surprised by hidden charges. Ignoring any of these potential warning signs can lead to a water disaster in your home. Reach out to one of our specialists today, and let us assist you with all your sump pump repair needs.

Sump Pump Installation

Waterproofing your home can be beneficial if you are a resident of Clever, MO. With the storms and snowfall we experience, you may run the risk of water damage and mold growing in your home. At Air Services, we offer certified specialists who will come to your home and install a sump pump that best fits your budget as well as your needs. Some homeowners unintentionally choose inexperienced plumbers to fix their sump pump, only to find long-lasting problems down the road.. We offer insured technicians that have years of experience and industry-approved equipment to properly install a sump pump into your home. Contact us today for a free sump pump installation estimate and avoid the stress of a flooded basement. 

A residential back up sump pump system with wiring around it that needs to be installed by a plumber in Clever, MO.

The Benefits of Battery Backup Sump Pumps

There are several common issues that can cause your sump pump to fail. Many homeowners in Clever, MO report experiencing mechanical errors, malfunctions with the sump pump switch, or flooding caused by a power outage. When this happens, it can be beneficial for you to have a battery backup sump pump to protect your home when emergencies strike. Our backup systems are an affordable way for you to prevent water damage, save money on late-night repairs, and give you peace of mind in the event of a storm. The battery backup sump pump stays charging until it starts taking over for your primary sump pump until the power goes back on, or a technician can arrive to handle repairs. Some of the benefits of a battery backup sump pump include:

  • Installation is simple.
  • Automatically kicks in during a power outage.
  • Does not need water supply to run.
  • The battery will remain charged until it’s needed.

The Benefits of Water-Powered Backup Sump Pumps

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of water damage to your home is by having a water-powered backup sump pump installed through Air Services. You could run the risk of your sump pump’s motor failing, loss of electrical connection, or several other issues causing your primary sump pump to break down. The water-powered backup sump pump will start to work once your main sump pump quits working and water rises above your leading pump. Some of the benefits of a water-powered backup sump pump include:

  • They have an average lifespan of 10 years. 
  • It runs on water pressure, so there is no limited run time. 
  • They are low maintenance and do not have a lot of parts to take care of. 
  • You can save money by not purchasing a new battery every three years.
A sump pump being installed by a plumber in a residential basement in Clever, MO with white pipes.

Sump Pump Inspections

Many sump pumps will get clogged by natural debris such as dirt or rocks. This can cause damage to your sump pumps impeller fan, eventually leading you to install a brand-new sump pump. With Air Services, we will send out a trained technician who will properly inspect any clogs your sump pump may have as well as inspect any other issues, such as switch problems or odd noises coming from your sump pump. Our skilled specialist will thoroughly inspect and clean your sump pump so that it will last longer. So save yourself the cost of replacing your sump pump, and call us today for a sump pump inspection in Clever, MO.

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